HEARTS Global is a Community Interest Company that is totally committed and focused to making a powerful, positive difference to you and your communities – locally, nationally and globally.

We do this in two ways – firstly by providing a range of core services that add outstanding value to you and your enterprise(s); and secondly, by re-investing resources back into learning-based, community-enhancing projects.

As part of our extremely motivated team, we have a global network of inspirational business and community professionals that are united to achieve the HEARTS vision of:
Helping Everyone Achieve Results Towards Success.

HEARTS Global Purpose

HEARTS Global serves people that may have lost their way in life – living without a purpose or goal.  Additionally, we offer life opportunities to vulnerable people – helping them tackle issues such as abuse, addiction, gang crime and homelessness.

Our support comes in two forms.  Firstly, by providing practical projects on the ground and working with people directly.  Secondly, by sharing inspirational messages and real-life stories – through our Mastering The Game of Life podcasts.